Programs 2013-2014

Adios Mi Amor [PDF 1.4Mb] The program is a selection of the music from our recording "Adios Mi Amor" released by the Dutch label Brilliant Classics. It features music for two vihuelas of the most important spanish renaissance composers such as Victoria, Valderrabano, Morales, Narvaez, Mudarra and Guerrero.

The Sweet Consonance [PDF 1.5Mb] In this program Delitiae Musicae with the spanish tenor Miguel Bernal explore spanish baroque music. The recital includes music by Juan Hidalgo, Jose Marín and Gaspar Sanz, amongst others.

Music for the Queen [PDF 1.4Mb] It is a pedagogical performance for children that combines acting with spanish Renaissance music and history of the Catholic Kings period. The soprano, Lucía Cahiuela, represents the Queen Elisabeth and the actor Luis Bondia represents the king Fernando. The program includes music by Juan Vasquez, Juan del Encina, Luis Milan and Luis de Narvaez, amongst others.